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4 Ways We’re Seeking to Serve


Aviation. Entrepreneurship. Mentoring. Dance Fitness.




Aviation provides major benefits to remote areas around the world, in which transporting goods, medical services, and people would take hours or even days, flying takes minutes. In the summer of 2017 we saw a video of an MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) pilot demonstrating how he could get a group of doctors to clinics in three different villages in Mozambique in one day, something that took an entire week in a jeep. It’s seems simple, but this video awoke in us a passion that had been there for a long time; a passion not just for aviation, but for serving people overseas.

Aviation can save an immense amount of time when time is the only limiting factor to getting people resources and support that they need.

The airplane can also be used to perform a medical evacuation from a remote village to an urban hospital, which can be the difference between life and death.

In the Spring of 2018, Sam was accepted into the Moody Bible Aviation Program in Spokane, WA which is where we will be moving in August. The program will last 5 years, providing Sam with all the necessary certifications as an aircraft mechanic, as well as all necessary licenses for being a pilot.



Sam Graduate from the Moody School of Aviation with Bachelors in Missionary Aviation by summer of 2023.


There are people living in remote areas where ground or water transportation alone present huge barriers to medical evacuations, receipt of needed supplies, and isolation from broader markets for their goods. Aviation solves this problem by providing an incredibly expedited option for transportation.




Sam’s background prior to moving to Spokane primarily centered around business and entrepreneurship. He will continue seeking ways to use those entrepreneurial skills and experiences in two primary ways. First, to help develop multiple, sustainable streams of income to support the work of missionary aviation, an industry that is in constant need of more financial resources to keep planes in the air and airstrips open and certified.

Second, to help people living in remote areas develop ways to get their goods and services to market in larger urban areas where the demand for their products is higher. This will help direct more resources to people groups living in abject poverty.

We are still in the phase of researching different opportunities for entrepreneurship and investment. If you have any ideas, or if you are in the process of developing your own business and need help, we would love to hear from you!

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Develop a fundraising mechanism through entrepreneurship to support aviation ministry in the amount of at least $25,000 / year. Increase amount as mechanism grows.


If you look at any mission aviation organization’s website, the front page will be covered in calls for money. They will detail airplanes that are out of commission due to lack of resources to repair them. They will outline the stories of qualified pilots who are not flying due to lack of funding to support their unpaid work overseas. Using entrepreneurial training and mentality, Sam can help to connect the massive amount of wealth sitting the coffers of western countries to these organizations and individuals in need of those resources.



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Matthew 28:19

Both of us have experience with, and a passion for, discipleship/mentoring. We take Jesus’ words to heart when He said “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” One of the things that attracted us to Moody for the aviation training was the fact that the a majority of the students attending Moody’s aviation school are much younger, most coming into the program straight out of high school.

In discussion about the program with some of the faculty at Moody, it became apparent that there is a lot of value in having students attend the school that are a little bit older, with a little bit more life experience, that can help mentor and disciple some of the younger men and women in the program.

Beyond the time in Spokane, we both intend to continue seeking out both people who can serve as mentors to us, as well as people would invite mentorship/discipleship from us.

We were first introduced to discipleship through our work with a high school ministry, Hearts on Fire, in Tucson, AZ. We worked with them from 2014-2017. Pictured above is a shot from one of the missionary training camps we were a part of leading.


Both Alyx and Sam disciple/mentor 3-5 individuals continually, as needed, over the next 5 years.


There are young men and women entering the “real world” with little depth of faith and/or identity in Christ. They are good hearted and well-intentioned, but like the seed spread along the side of the road or in the the thorny briars, lack the spiritual maturity to take on a world that is seeking to devour them. Jesus called us to “make disciples of all nations…” for a reason. Receiving wisdom and mentorship from those a little further down the road of life helps establish us. Discipling is one key method for building up a next generation of people established in their faith and in their personal identity.

Dance Fitness

Alyx is a certified Zumba and Group Fitness instructor. She has long had a passion for dance as an expression of worship, and fitness as an expression of good stewardship of the body God has given us. She will focus some of her time toward developing dance and fitness programs that not only meet physical needs, but also address the spiritual well-being of those attending.


Alyx develop and deliver Zumba and fitness training programs in the Spokane area over the next 5 years, leading at least 1-2 classes per month in either a church, or secular gym setting.


For many, dance is a freeing expression of physical and mental health as well as worship beyond what only words can express. Physically, fitness education and dance classes are excellent ways to help stem the tide of the American pandemic (80% of adults do not meet the government's national physical activity recommendations for aerobic activity and muscle strengthening). This would help catapult people into being the best versions of themselves that God created them to be. In addition, dance and fitness are unifying acts and expressions across the world, not only in America. Through Zumba and other general fitness training programs, Alyx can help solve a practical need in whatever community we are apart of, while also being spiritually minded, pointing people to the Creator of our bodies.

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