Our Vision

Fit for Flying


In 2018 we made a big change. Taking the talents, experiences, and faith that God has given us, we determined to get to work solving the problems that had been weighing on us.

Our stated vision is:

We wake up each morning working toward a world in which there is no lack of access to aviation to people living in remote areas, there is no lack of resources in the world of missionary aviation, the next generation is being poured into by the older generation, and women are being encouraged and built up through the fun and energizing joy of dance so that they can encourage and support others!


On our mission page, you can read more about how we intend to make our vision a reality.

We are in the early stages of this journey and the work is only just beginning. As we embark on this mission, we invite you to join us. As the great Methodist Minister and Yale Professor, Halford Luccock, once said:

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

Our vision is big, but we believe God’s is bigger. We look forward to seeing it unfold!

As Ever,

Sam and Alyx Burns

Sam and Alyx Burns

Enjoying the great outdoors near Spokane, WA

Enjoying the great outdoors near Spokane, WA